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At KEY, we have helped many students achieve their goals of successful admission to their chosen private schools. A vital component of the admissions process is the SSAT exam. The SSAT is a standardized test, which compares students of the same grade and gender, giving an admissions officer an unbiased percentile and score in which to rank students.  Admissions officers look at the percentile of candidates and how they rank in comparison to other students, with the 99th percentile being the top one can accomplish.

It is a requirement for many private schools and has become a distinguishing component in the application process.  KEY’s program has proven results, that overall gives each student a competitive edge in their ambitious goals.

The following students came to KEY applying for entrance into Grade 4. None of them were ready for the admissions process when they started and required the help of our coaches and educators to overcome major learning issues and properly prepare.

Over an eight-month process, these students dedicated themselves to coming to KEY twice a week to work on learning the content of the SSAT and effective strategies for taking the exam. 

1. One of our successfully admitted candidates was only in the 13th percentile when he attempted his first exam, scoring in the 15th percentile in reading comprehension, 22nd percentile in the verbal and only in the 2nd percentile in the quantitative section.  After completing our program he came out in the 89th percentile and is now attending one of the finest top-tier schools in the Lower Mainland.

2. A second candidate came to us scoring only in the 1st percentile. With dedication to our program, he was able to bring his scores up to the 52nd percentile. Combining this score with a strong profile, this student was also successful in being admitted to his school of choice.

3. Our star student came to us with very poor prospects in reaching his goal. He ranked in the 11th percentile in the quantitative section, 18th in the verbal component, and only in the 6th percentile for the reading comprehension.  After putting a tireless effort into our program, he came out of his exam scoring in the 99th percentile and was successfully admitted to the school of his choice.

KEY's SSAT Prep Program is enrolling students now. Call (604) 638-5398 to book an initial consultation with our team.