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Our students and successes are wide ranging. Read on for testimonials from families who’ve found great success through KEY programs. In-depth case studies of these accomplishments can be found on our success stories page.

My daughter is a very smart and outgoing kid. The Early Childhood Education and assessment preparation helped her discover her interests, so now she will use her intelligence and investigate further her area of interest. We were so happy with KEY’s ability to keep us parents involved in the whole process with the parent statements and interview coaching sessions.


My husband and I worked with KEY through their Early Childhood Education assessment preparation and interview coaching. The staff really know what they’re doing and were able to accommodate to our strengths and weaknesses. We were also struggling to choose between two well-known private schools, but KEY guided us through the decision-making process and picked the school that best fits our daughter’s strength and personality.


I needed a lot of help working with my son but KEY’s team showed dedication and determination to make sure he received all the help he needed. The Director of Education worked closely with me to make sure that my son and I could get the most out of the support system in order to achieve our goal. I really appreciated all of their hard work and devotion.


I’m so grateful towards KEY who helped my daughter feel more comfortable interacting with others through interview coaching and always making sure I knew each step of the process. It felt like they knew exactly what I was thinking. Their communication was smooth which was really helpful. It definitely prepared us for the school interviews and got us the top results we wanted!


Thanks for all of your hard work and outstanding contributions for my son’s achievement. In his private school interview, I saw a different side of my son; a confident, positive, and polite young man. After the principal of Richmond Christian School interviewed my son, he made offered admission on the spot and welcomed my son to the school community. It was great news for both my son and me. I believe Richmond Christian School will be a great challenge for my son and I’d love to ask KEY’s assistance to continue helping him achieve a higher level of educational goals and realizing his value in life.


KEY helped put together our applications and files to make sure my daughter was able to showcase her skills properly. They were all very professional and I found the seminars extremely helpful for parents – I referred a bunch of my friends to KEY and they also loved them.